Breakfast Club Sweden

Poker Run May 2006

In the surroundings of southern Roslagen by Pilas and Kristina

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Ready to go from the parking lot at Smörkransen. Kristina tries to explain to Matte.
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Matte´s Camaro.
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The girls are waiting for some action... Premier run for Norrtalje-Bosse´s rod with the new body.
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Banjo-Bo´s roadster, Lasse H´s Chevelle and Pelle´s Willys.
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Robban and his rod.
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What did Hasse found in the secret box? Lasse looks a bit worried.
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Pelle´s Willys, Pilas´s ´42 Ford and Per´s ´85 Eldorado.
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Winner: Norrtalje-Bosse and Laila

Runner up: Jocke, Jeanette and Lasse H.

Third place: Allfors family

Photo: Per Allfors