US Tour to Michigan September 2007

Day 6

After breakfast we visited the garage of John Leysen. He joined us to the Roush Racing shop and C.A.R.S.

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Breakfast at Ocean Breeze in Shelby Township. Garage crawl at John Leysen's place.

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John's '29 Tudor project. Look at the flushed doors!
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One of  Roush Racing dragster trailers.
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Roush Racuing Nascar trailer. Gary at Roush Racing showed us around.
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One unique Ford Indigo.
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Ford GT. Dodge Viper Coupe.
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Ford GT test car.
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Inside the Ford GT test car.
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One off Cunningham.
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Jack Roush's private Corvette and Thunderbird.
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Race car parts for sale. Recycling? More left-overs.
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Roush Mustang Stage 3. One more Roush Mustang.
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Nascar! Mike and a Ford. This is Jack Roush's race car for the Great Race.
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Nascar drivers office.
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A couple of  AC Cobras. Jack's daughter's dragrace Mustang.
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Restoring Jack's first race car, a '69 Mustnag convertible. Anders, Per and Gary.
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Jack Roush is also heavely into aviation. Besides the two P51 Mustangs he also got the worlds largest stock of Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engines. A rebuilt engine for a customer.
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C.A.R.S. show room. How about a brand new '55 Chevy convertible from C.A.R.S?
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Or maybe a '57 ?
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Art Morrison chassis.
Photo: Per Allfors