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September 2014

Arrived Detroit Metro Airport Sept 10:Th..05.00 p.m. Mike picked me up at the airport .... ..and took me to the Easy Rodders evening at the Stahl Museum. Free Pizza and cold drinks for everybody. Some 180 people.  Great place with cars, music machines and other stuff 

On our way to Street Rod Natīs North Kalamazoo Excited, since this will be my 30 year aniversery. My first visit to the Natīs North was in -84 and thatīs when I met Mike for the first time. Been there every year exept for 3 times, 9/11, Terror Threats in London and one year due to sicknes.s is
Hotel room key The room and the veiw
My Natīs registration number out of some 2400 carsM 06.30.a.m. Friday Morning line up to get into the Fairground that will be opened at 07.30 a.m

The new all 327 cui Aluminum Flathead by Motor City Flathead        Supercharged Carburated. Up for sale later this year. Estimated price , close to $20.000.
Michigan Hot Rod Ass. Repair Shop. Is that a great thing or not Gigantic Swap Meetghe
Traditional Saturday dinner at Bravoīs with good friends. Scampi of course.... Selfie  Doug and IS
Mike, Laura and other friends at the table 2014 T-Shirt

End of Winners circle My favorite.
Monday night was Pizza time with Mike and Jan and family.... ...had a great evening with daughters, son in laws and kids
Tuesday turned out to be workday
Wednesday: On our way to Don Williams garage. Had to move some cars around since Mike wanted to take the coupe
Above and below: Don Williams garage.....
Ran out of gas on our way to catch up with Doug Witters.... to see his 34 Sedan Delivery at the Collision Shop.
Dougīs 34 with the grille I bought for him in Sweden. Guys had a hard time understanding the grille could be found in Sweden.....
Behind Mike and Janīs house they putting in a new road with cement This machine just flattened out the cement and there you are... a new road.
Visiting my buddy Al Berglers shop. Al was the first Riddler Award winner at Autorama in 1961 with his dragster More Aggravation
Alīs basement The 1961 Riddler Award
Me and Al with the 1961 Riddler Trophy.... brought a beer in 1999 from Swedish Street Rod Natīs in Rattvik. Still untouched.
The shop  New nose cone for an old dragster. Al did the nose in 1961 and now for the second time 2014
Alīs 40 Ford Convertible finally beeing done after sitting on the hoist for years. Iīve been promised  a ride  next year.....
Working on the Carson Top
Inside the Shop
US Breakfastclub Rochester at the Ramshorn
After breakfast we drove to the marina for a boat ride with Mikeīs daughter Laura and her husband Mike
Water was rough but did 50 knots........
Mike and Laura Expensive homes....
Heading back to the Marina Back home and a quick carwash and off again
this time to: Bored Meeting hosted by Jim and Cindy Smith... some +200 people invited
A lot of nice cars
Jimīs 56 Crown Victoria project. Note that all moldings are recessed, lotīs of work Panel truck
Sunday morning  at Yates Cider Mill.. Nothing tastes better than Apple Cider and fresh donuts for breakfast
One more carwash before MHRA Pick Nick 
Michigan Hot Rod Association Pick Nick
Food and drinks were free for members and guests had a great time with a lot of friends
MHRA president, Butch Patrico, and I with the base to the 2015 Riddler Award, machined out of one big chunk of Aluminum, heavy.......
Last garage at Bob Pacitto Nostalgia Funny Care is the class
Mike and Bob
Bags are packed Had to go to come back......


Thankīs to my very best friends Mike and Jan for taking me places and having me as a guest in their home for two weeks


Photo: Hasse Arhagen

Thatīs all folkīsall folkīs