Breakfast Club Sweden

US Tour Michigan 12-24 september 2012


Garage of Mike Bayer
Garage of John Leysenge of John Leysen

On the road to Street Rod Natīs North Kalamazooot

The new  Motor City all Aluminum Flathead  Motor Wow!!!! what a ride      327 cui and lots of tourqeW
Hotell parking lotOutside the
Morning Line up at the Fairground   06.30 a.m.

Swap Meet

Cars on Fairground

Mike & Doug

Doug and his 34 Delivery Doug & John Leysen

Pit Stop at the Sinclair Grill  on our way home.   Mikeīs Modell A Erik Lewis 39 Chevy
Johnīs 54 Chevy The Ice Cream Truck
Corvette ride up North in Michigan with Mike Canada, aey! on the other side

Local Cruise night Hylb, John & Mike               Below: Hylbīs 32 Roadster
Visiting Al Bergler Race Car Bodies
New Truck and trailer 
Alīs nostalgia race cars     " The Motown Shaker"  Funny Car  More Aggravation" Nitro dragster
Al Bergler with his two Caklefest Cars  Inside Alīs Body Shop

The "New" Ramcharger Funny Car The "New"
Visiting Bob Kjorli at Street Rod fabrication in Freeland
Old friend Roland Elkins in the wheel chair Rolandīs 40 Ford Roadster PU Project

Nice TV stand in the garage of Pete MarriotNice TV
On the road to Jim Smithīs Party in Mikeīs 58 T birdOn 
New Corvette???   at GM Tech CenterThe Ne at w Corvette
The garage of Bruce Elmer
Car Show at Packard Proving Grounds
Foto: Hasse Arhagen
Thatīs it, time to go home