Breakfast Club Sweden

23:rd annual Wheel Table 2014

6 december 2014

Welcome to the BFC 23:rd annual wheeltable Warm up with warm X-mas drinks in Kristina´s Elvis-room

Getting ready for food
Ladies and gentlemen, please start eating!!
2014 Award presentations starts
Having his new roadster on the road Lasse Enarsson ...  s was awarded  with a 50SEK Gas check...!
Rolf was awarded for his Norwegian Trip.......... 
as reminder of the blowed  up motor........

Brumme was awarded with a road book for finally...  be on the road with his 58 Chevy Sport Cpe
Next guy up for award was Pierre ........ We´ll see him on the road next year on his new bikeew bike is done

Rolf, again, this time awarded with his own Tow Mater   Longest tow, ever, Norway to Stockholm   
Camper of the Year Bosse for camping in his back yard

Nostalgia step for his trailer
For the third time..... awarded for buying ...... "a pig in a poke" (grisen i säcken) in the( poke
Fourth time for Rolf.  Rolf was awarded with the..... challenge trophy " Frisk Fläkt"  (the Breeze).
Anders was Captain of the year since he´s got his...  Captain qualification ...4 stripes on his epauletepaulet
he got captains pipes, one for each stripe, but he´s .... a Non Smoking captain it was Licuorice Pipes
"Golden Jack Stand" is another BFC Challenge Trophy  Lasse E was awarded for longest period on jack stands .
Henrik got the new award for 2014........  " Man Över Bord "  då han fixar bord och stolar...
till wheel table varje år Finally, Roffe Z told us the answer on the picture puzzle he elaborated. Carina was the big winner! 
Foto:  Pierre Zuber
That´s all folk´s
Poker Run 2015 arrangeras av Peter Andersson och Lasse Häggblad Roffe C  gav årets rattmuff till Peter Carell för att han slutfört sitt Cuda project